About CX2ABC


Full information...CW5Z - Cerro de Montevideo

CW5Z - Cerro de Montevideo

Special call sign used for the activations of Cerro de Montevideo Lighthouse (ARLHS URU 009/C.F.CX CX-203 - C.C.CX CX-507).

Full information...CW5O- Rincón de Bonete

CW5O- Rincón de Bonete

Special call sign used for the activations of the Rincón del Bonete dam and lighthouse.

Full information...CW90A - 90th Anniv. Radio Broadcasting

CW90A - 90th Anniv. Radio Broadcasting

Special call sign used for the 90th. Anniversary of the Radio Broadcasting in Uruguay.

Full information...CV5K - Special Events and Contests Call

CV5K - Special Events and Contests Call

Speciall call sign for some events and more often during international contests (Juanico, Canelones).

Full information...CX3CCC - RGS Official Station

CX3CCC - RGS Official Station

Call sign of the Official Station of Radiogrupo Sur

Despite I have interest on Amateur Radio since I was very young, I saw the hobbie always as something very far away of my possibilities only for lack of information.

For that reason was not until 1985 that because I make a journey across America on bicycle that I contacted various amateur and Citizens Band operators, needing for communication with my contry.

I remember the Chilean Radio Club in Antofagasta where we communicated during our stay, and also Peruvians amateurs that permits us to communicate from Lima, Peru.

In Colombia we meet many hams and I specially remember that last communication we did the from the home of a amateur that was not in their home at that moment, but his wife allowed us to use the equipment. In that oportunity we hear the "Red de Auxilio Uruguaya" as we did every time we could. We reported us, we were listened, and wered asked to keep QAP, but with very and bad luck since we keep out of power supply.

For the next two months later nothing was heard from us, as we entered the forest of Colombia through the Gulf of Darien to Panama.

No doubt these experiences and many more marked the beginning of a Scientific Hobby that is with me today.

In 1997 I return to Uruguay with many interest in radio and contacted Radiogrupo Sur who coordinated the "Red de Auxilio Uruguaya"... Not more later I was integrating its working group and become with my first experiences as a coordinator for a few hours a week.

Today, after many years I continue participatimg in every event that we do in Radiogrupo Sur and coordinate many of them to keep this passion to communicate live every moment of my life.

Y married and my children grew up with the club and my family revolves around each activity performed.